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Dr. Tod C. Anderson is happy to announce our new logo and business name Rio Del Mar Dental.  Our team felt very lucky that this name was available and reflects our commitment to the Aptos community and in line with upgrades to the Rio Del Mar area signage.  We want to ask you a question: What is most important when you see a dentist?  I think most people would say, I sure hope it doesn’t hurt and cost a fortune to fix my teeth.  Dr. Anderson is very aware of these issues with dentistry, and finding ways to make it better for patients and small business owners.

Dr. Anderson feels every patient experience is an opportunity to improve someone’s oral health and decrease the anxieties that can be associated with dental care:  Dr. Anderson’s response “We are very lucky in this age of dental care, because dental work can be very comfortable with the numbing that we have available, and in combination with sedation protocols that are easy for patients to use and implement.”  After a 6 year high tech career in Silicon Valley in the mid 90’s Dr. Anderson felt a draw to go back to school and attended USC dental school from 2003 to 2007.  Going back to school at 33 was like a second chance, and it was exciting time to learn a new profession that combines healthcare, art, hand-skills, people-skills, and being your own boss.  All big draws for Dr. Anderson, but the bottom line was he really wanted to give back to his community and provide service to others. After graduation from USC Dental School in 2007 Dr. Anderson continues to take as many dental education courses on Invisalign, Conscious Sedation, Implants, Implant dentures, CAD/CAM dentistry and restorative courses to increase his skill set.  He also enjoys developing new products to enhance oral health knowledge and care. Our team is dedicated to our patients and we take the time needed to provide the best oral health care modern dentistry can offer. Dr. Anderson quoted: “Good dentistry should not be rushed and every patient has a unique situation and their own individual needs, providing a custom oral health care plan for each patient is our goal.”

Dr. Anderson and Team are thankful to live in such a great place and have a dental office that is a fun place to work. Understandably our area can be an expensive place to live as well, so Dr. Anderson is providing individual and group Quality Dental Discount plans for patients without insurance and payment plans so that patients can afford the oral health care that they need.  Since 2013 we have noticed a big change in dental care benefits added with the recession of 2008, out of pockets costs have gone up, as well insurance companies have decreased payments to providers, in fact some providers need to see twice as many patients to make the same income they made five years ago.  This seems unfair to the patients the providers, and in our view decreases the quality of care. Our office is doing everything it can to fight this trend.  Dr. Anderson is thrilled to be living with his wife and two great kids in Aptos, and have a dental practice that he and his team can be proud of. 


Please come on by and say hello, you can meet the team and see the office or check out our website: www.riodelmardental.com

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